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Few understand the journey of an entrepreneur

You have a dream and you start a new business. Then the questions begin…Did I hire the right person? Should I find a business partner? Can I make payroll? Does anyone understand what I am going through?

You need people who understand the challenges you face. You need insight from someone further down the road. And you need a community of people supporting your work.

Welcome to the Startup Board, a mentoring group for early stage entrepreneurs. Each month you meet with a small group of people just like you, led by an experienced entrepreneur. Get the clarity and confidence you need to succeed in your business, and get connected to other people on your journey.

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What makes The Startup Board Different?

Other networks focus on executives running large organizations. They have millions in revenue and lead dozens, if not hundreds of employees. And those networks are too expensive.

At Startup Board, we focus exclusively on people just like you: entrepreneurs who need a community of like-minded individuals. Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and others in the trenches. Get practical, hands-on coaching to help you succeed, grow, and prosper in your life and work.

What You Get

A half-day, in person session with a group of other entrepreneurs led by an experienced entrepreneur.

Access to online coaching platform.

Exclusive resources available only for Startup Board members.

Connect to a broad group of entrepreneurs.

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About Mark Rushing, Founder of StartUp Board

Mark is a serial entrepreneur who has started several companies in the area of long term care for seniors. These companies continue to serve seniors in Texas through the team that Mark built including a CEO who was brought in to lead the companies into future growth. The combined long term care companies will employ over 400 and approach twenty million dollars in revenue in 2017. Mark and the CEO, Shawn Corzine, have developed partnerships that will take the combined companies to over $100M in revenue in the next ten years.
Before transitioning to a new CEO, he felt burned out in the business he loved. But a friend told him of a mentoring group for people like him. Mark connected and soon found the community he needed to grow the business he loved.
Currently Mark pursues a vision of coaching and mentoring 1000 gospel-minded ventures in his lifetime. He works with entrepreneurs through his coaching practice and a new venture called The StartUp Board. The StartUp Board provides peer boards for early-stage company founders much like EO, C12, and other organizations provide for companies with more than $1M in revenue. The StartUp Board provides peer review and feedback, along with the guidance of a veteran entrepreneur. Together they work with new companies to help them grow and prosper.